Friday, May 17, 2013

"This Is A Robbery" response

John Tsuan
1 What time are you guys headed down tonight? Also, there is an exhibit at Robischon that I think you guys would really like, especially you, Jenny. [sic]
2 Do you guys receive text messages?

1 Hey, where is the thing?
2 Is this a scavenger hunt?

So noah, you finally grew a pair of tits!

4 stars! the gallery owner didn't understand, she thought you were going to do spoken word and called you ballsy. I told her no, this is IT, I believe. And thought maybe it could be titsy?

I've been robbed.


Hi, this is Phil [unintelligible] uhm, so I saw Noah the other day and he said that you, er that he, had a show at Vertigo tonight that I totally tried to go see, uhm and we went there an you guys were not there. So I don't know if I was mistaken or if I missed you but I just wanted to let you know that I totally tried to go. Uhm, so if I was mistaken, or if you guys would like to, maybe, hang out some time or something, if you could give me a call back my number is [number omitted], uhm [unintelligible], and again, this is Phil. Okay, I'll talk to you later, buye.

This guy.  I swear.  that was the perfect end to an inperfect day.  i dont know if you saw the art that was actually in there but many people, myself included, walked in and scrached there head.  clever clever clever.  though it would have been nice to see y'all.

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